Poster Presentation Guideline

1. Please send the signed copy of “Transfer of Copyright for i-CREATe 2020” (as attached) to email before Nov. 02: [email protected]


2. Please complete the payment of registration fee before Nov.04.


3. Please follow the requirements of poster guideline as follows to make your poster.


4. Please upload your poster and export in the format of pdf to the link of the website backstage (as shown in the figure below). (The upload pathway will be opened during Nov.04-18).


5. Your poster will be published on the website between Dec. 05 and Dec. 07.


6. Please login and download your attendance certificate and publication certificate between Dec.05 and Dec. 07.


1. The poster should show the full title of your abstract.


2. Text should be brief and well organized, presenting only enough data to support your conclusions.


3. The text should make clear the significance of your research.


4. The text should include (most likely as separate elements of the poster) your hypothesis, methods, results, and conclusions.



1. The poster dimensions should be A0 (841mm × 1189mm) with a vertical format.


2. A clear, simple, uncluttered arrangement is the most attractive and the easiest to read.


3. Whereas titles should be in all upper case letters. The remainder of the text will be easier to read if typed in a combination of capital and lower-case letters.


4. Color should be used sparingly, to provide contrast. The featured parts of the poster can be highlighted with warm colors, and the less important parts can be done in cool colors.


5. Photos should be enlarged enough to show relevant detail.

Transfer of Copyright for i-CREATe Download